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Author Book Title Publisher
Li Advanced Concrete Technology Wiley
Reese Analysis and Design of Shallow and Deep Foundations Wiley
Helwany Applied Soil Mechanics with ABAQUS Applications Wiley
Yanev Bridge Management Wiley
Fitzgerald Building Fire Performance Analysis Wiley
Yu Cold-Formed Steel Design Fourth Edition Wiley
Bank Composites for Construction: Structural Design with FRP Materials Wiley
Macdonald Concrete - Building Pathology Wiley
Barker Design of Highway Bridges: An LRFD Approach, Third edition Wiley
Erdey Earthquake Engineering: Application to Design Wiley
Coburn Earthquake Protection 2e Wiley
Dowrick Earthquake Risk Reduction Wiley
Wilson Forensic Procedures for Boundary & Title Investigation Wiley
Yates Global Engineering and Construction Wiley
Dusenberry Handbook for Blast Resistant Design of Buildings Wiley
DeZuane Handbook of Drinking Water Quality, 2nd Edition Wiley
Hertlein Nondestructive Testing of Deep Foundations Wiley
Park Reinforced Concrete Structures Wiley
Chandrasekaran Rubber as a Construction Material for Corrosion Protection: A Comprehensive Guide for Process Equipment Designers Wiley
Priestley Seismic Design and Retrofit of Bridges Wiley
Paulay Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete and Masonry Buildings Wiley
Vallero Socially Responsible Engineering: Justice in Risk Management, Online Version Wiley
Fredlund Soil Mechanics for Unsaturated Soils Wiley
SCI Steel Designers' Manual 6e Wiley
Seybert Stormwater Management for Land Development: Methods and Calculations for Quantity Control, Online Version Wiley
Curtin Structural Foundation Designers' Manual Wiley
Vallero Sustainable Design: The Science of Sustainabilityand Green Engineering Wiley
Webster The Wiley Dictionary of Civil Engineering and Construction Wiley
Xanthakos Theory and Design of Bridges Wiley
Hsu Unified Theory of Concrete Structures Wiley
Ross Fuzzy Logic with Engineering Applications 3e Wiley
Zito Energy Storage: A New Approach Wiley
Bart Additives in Polymers - Industrial Analysis and Applications Wiley
Alkauskas Advanced Calculations for Defects in Materials - Electronic Structure Methods Wiley
Abou-Ras Advanced Characterization Techniques for Thin Film Solar Cells Wiley
Vaz Junior Advanced Computational Materials Modeling - From Classical to Multi-Scale Techniques Wiley
Tiwari Advanced Energy Materials Wiley
Singh Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells IV Wiley
Bansal Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells V Wiley
Watts An Introduction to Surface Analysis by XPS and AES Wiley
Vanbesien Artificial Materials Wiley
Abd-El-Aziz Biomedical Applications; Macromolecules Containing Metal and Metal-Like Elements, Volume 3 Version) Wiley
Zehetbauer Bulk Nanostructured Materials Wiley
Ochsner Cellular and Porous Materials - Thermal Properties Simulation and Prediction Wiley
Scheffler Cellular Ceramics - Structure, Manufacturing, Properties and Applications Wiley
Heinrich Ceramic Materials and Components for Engines Wiley
Krenkel Ceramic Matrix Composites Wiley
Katoh Ceramics in Nuclear Applications Wiley
Hwang Characterization of Minerals, Metals and Materials Wiley
Wang Characterization of Nanophase Materials Wiley
Raabe Computational Materials Science - The Simulationof Materials Microstructures and Properties Wiley
Deak Computer Simulation of Materials at Atomic Level Wiley
Bertolini Corrosion of Steel in Concrete - Diagnosis, Repair Wiley
Liu Electrocatalysis of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells Wiley
Lehmann Electrochemistry of Silicon - Instrumentation, Science, Materials and Applications Wiley
Irene Electronic Materials Science Wiley
Bruce Energy Materials Wiley
Cozzi Environmental Issues and Waste Management Technologies in the Materials and Nuclear Industries XII: Ceramic Transactions Volume 207 Wiley
Aliofkhazraei Fabrication of Nanostructures by Plasma Electrolysis Wiley
Srivatsan Fatigue of Materials II: Advances and Emergences in Understanding Wiley
TMS Fatigue of Materials: Advances and Emergences in Understanding Wiley
Mathers Green Polymerization Methods - Renewable Starting Materials, Catalysis and Waste Reduction Wiley
Besenhard Handbook of Battery Materials Wiley
Harper Handbook of Plastic Processes Wiley
Aifantis High Energy Density Lithium Batteries - Materials, Engineering, Applications Wiley
Zuttel Hydrogen as a Future Energy Carrier Wiley
Kawai Industrial Plasma Technology - Applications from Environmental to Energy Technologies Wiley
Lalena Inorganic Materials Synthesis and Fabrication Wiley
Maev Introduction to Low Pressure Gas Dynamic Spray Wiley
Shaw Introduction to Polymer Viscoelasticity, 3rd Edition Wiley
Balluffi Kinetics of Materials (Online Version) Wiley
Wakihara Lithium Ion Batteries - Fundamentals and Performance Wiley
Ozawa Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries - Materials, Technology, and New Applications Wiley
Davim Machinability of Advanced Materials Wiley
Brauer Magnetic Actuators and Sensors Wiley
Gubin Magnetic Nanoparticles Wiley
Du Magnetic Properties of Antiferromagnetic Oxide Materials - Surfaces, Interfaces, and Thin Films Wiley
Bailly Materials and Structures under Shock and Impact Wiley
Takadoum Materials and Surface Engineering in Tribology Wiley
Jiang Materials for High-Temperature Fuel Cells Wiley
Cristescu Materials with Rheological Properties Wiley
Lalanne Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 2nd Edition: Volume 1, Sinusoidal Vibration Wiley
Lalanne Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 2nd Edition: Volume 2, Mechanical Shock Wiley
Lalanne Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 2nd Edition: Volume 3, Random Vibration Wiley
Lalanne Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 2nd Edition: Volume 4, Fatigue Damage Wiley
Lalanne Mechanical Vibration and Shock Analysis, 2nd Edition: Volume 5, Specification Development Wiley
Kainer Metal Matrix Composites -for Automotive and Aerospace Engineering Wiley
Blondeau Metallurgy and Mechanics of Welding Wiley
Kumacheva Microfluidic Reactors for Polymer Particles Wiley
Schulze Modern Mechanical Surface Treatment - States, Stability, Effects Wiley
Scheirs Modern Polyesters - Chemistry and Technology of Polyesters and Copolymers Wiley
Scheirs Modern Styrenic Polymers - Polystyrenes and Styrenic Copolymers Wiley
Sundmacher Molten Carbonate Fuel Cells - Modeling, Analysis, Simulation and Control Wiley
Fendler Nanoparticles and Nanostructured Films - Preparation, Characterization and Applications Wiley
DiNardo Nanoscale Characterization of Surfaces and Interfaces Wiley
Mathur Nanostructured Materials and Nanotechnology III Wiley
Eleftheriades Negative Refraction Metamaterials: Fundamental Principles and Applications Wiley
Krzyzanowski Oxide Scale Behavior in High Temperature Metal Processing Wiley
Kostorz Phase Transformations in Materials Wiley
Andrady Plastics and the Environment Wiley
Nwabunma Polyolefin Composites Wiley
Bruce Porous Materials Wiley
Silverstein Porous Polymers Wiley
Kuran Principles of Coordination Polymerisation Wiley
Odian Principles of Polymerization, Fourth Edition Wiley
Hinklin Processing of Nanoparticle Structures and Composites: Ceramic Transactions Volume 208 Wiley
Tiwari Responsive Materials and Methods: State-of-the-Art Stimuli-Responsive Materials and Their Applications Wiley
Andrady Science and Technology of Polymer Nanofibers Wiley
Hadziioannou Semiconducting Polymers - Chemistry, Physics and Engineering Wiley
Marek Sensors Applications - Sensors for Automotive Technology V 4 Wiley
Tschulena Sensors Applications - Sensors in Household Appliances V 5 Wiley
Gassmann Sensors Applications - Sensors in Intelligent Buildings V 2 Wiley
Oberg Sensors Applications - Sensors in Medicine and Health Care V3 Wiley
Tonshoff Sensors in Manufacturing - Sensors Applications V 1 Wiley
Friedrichs Silicon Carbide Novel Applications Wiley
Friedrichs Silicon Carbide Sensors Wiley
Pavesi Silicon Nanocrystals - Fundamentals, Synthesisand Applications Wiley
Huron Superalloys 2012 Wiley
Forch Surface Design - Applications in Bioscience and Nanotechnology Wiley
Freiman The Fracture of Brittle Materials: Testing and Analysis Wiley
Chaplot Thermodynamic Properties of Solids - Experimentand Modeling Wiley
Brendel Thin-Film Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells - Physics and Technology Wiley
Kou Welding Metallurgy Second Edition Wiley
Morris A Practical Guide to Reliable Finite Element Modelling Wiley
Tewari Advanced Control of Aircraft Spacecraft and Rockets Wiley
Jazar Advanced Dynamics: Rigid Body, Multibody, and Aerospace Applications Wiley
Langton Aircraft Fuel Systems Wiley
Saarlas Aircraft Performance Wiley
Swatton Aircraft Performance Theory for Pilots Wiley
Moir Aircraft Systems - Mechanical, Electrical and Avionics Subsystems Integration 3e Wiley
Biringen An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics by Example Wiley
Lohner Applied Computational Fluid Dynamics Techniques - An Introduction Based on Finite Element Methods 2e Wiley
Moon Applied Dynamics - With Applications to Multibodyand Mechatronic Systems Wiley
Khonsari Applied Tribology - Bearing Design and Lubrication 2e Wiley
Kayton Avionics Navigation Systems, 2nd Edition Wiley
Seddon Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics 3e Wiley
Honary Biobased Lubricants and Greases - Technology and Products Wiley
Keane Computational Approaches for Aerospace Design - The Pursuit of Excellence Wiley
Shabana Computational Dynamics, 3rd Edition Wiley
de Souza Neto Computational Methods for Plasticity - Theory and Applications Wiley
Diston Computational Modelling and Simulation of Aircraftand the Environment - Volume 1 - Platform Kinematics and Synthetic environment Wiley
Favre-Marinet Convective Heat Transfer Wiley
Kassapoglou Design and Analysis of Composite Structures - With Applications to Aerospace Structures Wiley
Crocker Encyclopedia of Acoustics Volume Two: Wiley
Crocker Encyclopedia of Acoustics, Vol. 1 Wiley
Crocker Encyclopedia of Acoustics, Volume Four Wiley
Crocker Encyclopedia of Acoustics, Volume Three Wiley
Leo Engineering Analysis of Smart Material Systems Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Alternative Energy Production Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Fossil Energy Production Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Material and Chemical Processing Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Materials Handling Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Mechanical Design Wiley
Kutz Environmentally Conscious Transportation Wiley
Coleman Experimentation, Validation, and Uncertainty Analysis for Engineers, Third Edition Wiley
Kraus Extended Surface Heat Transfer Wiley
Donea Finite Element Methods for Flow Problems Wiley
Bergheau Finite Element Simulation of Heat Transfer Wiley
Lakshminarayana Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer of Turbomachinery Wiley
Mench Fuel Cell Engines Wiley
Shah Fundamentals of Heat Exchanger Design, Online Version Wiley
Benedict Fundamentals of Temperature Pressure and Flow Measurements Third Edition Wiley
Lewis Fundamentals of the Finite Element Method for Heat and Fluid Flow Wiley
Walsh Gas Turbine Performance 2e Wiley
Staedtke Gasdynamic Aspects of Two-Phase Flow - Hyperbolicity, Wave Propagation Phenomena and Related Numerical Methods Wiley
Schetz Handbook of Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery, Volume 1: Fundamentals of Fluid Dynamics Wiley
Schetz Handbook of Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery, Volume 2:Experimental and Computational Fluid Dynamics Wiley
Schetz Handbook of Fluid Dynamics and Fluid Machinery: Volume 3 Applications of Fluid Dynamics Wiley
Crocker Handbook of Noise and Vibration Control Wiley
Minkowycz Handbook of Numerical Heat Transfer, Second Edition Wiley
Ley Handbook of Space Technology Wiley
Day Heating Systems, Plant and Control Wiley
Padfield Helicopter Flight Dynamics 2e Wiley
Feldman Hilbert Transform Applications in Mechanical Vibration Wiley
Campbell Human Performance and Limitations in Aviation Wiley
Trinks Industrial Furnaces, Sixth Edition, Online Version Wiley
Szab Introduction to Finite Element Analysis - Formulation, Verification and Validation Wiley
Williams Linear State-Space Control Systems Wiley
Vance Machinery Vibration and Rotordynamics Wiley
Chang Materials Thermodynamics Wiley
Krysinski Mechanical Vibrations: Active and Passive Control Wiley
Coussy Mechanics and Physics of Porous Solids Wiley
Frey Mesh Generation, 2nd edition Wiley
Schiestel Modeling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows Wiley
Martin Nanolubricants Wiley
Brandt Noise and Vibration Analysis - Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures Wiley
Ver Noise and Vibration Control Engineering: Principles and Applications, Second Edition Wiley
Eastwood Particulate Emissions from Vehicles Wiley
Allerton Principles of Flight Simulation Wiley
Messler Principles of Welding - Processes, Physics, Chemistry, and Metallurgy Wiley
Allard Propagation of Sound in Porous Media - Modelling Sound Absorbing Materials 2e Wiley
Dincer Refrigeration Systems and Applications 2e Wiley
Saleh Spacecraft Reliability and Multi-State Failures - A Statistical Approach Wiley
Abid Spacecraft Sensors Wiley
Durbin Statistical Theory and Modeling for Turbulent Flows 2e Wiley
Omar The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes Wiley
Munjiza The Combined Finite-Discrete Element Method Wiley
Dhondt The Finite Element Method for Three-dimensional Thermomechanical Applications Wiley
Lee Thermal Design: Heat Sinks, Thermoelectrics, Heat Pipes, Compact Heat Exchangers, and Solar Cells Wiley
Dincer Thermal Energy Storage - Systems and Applications2e Wiley
Rao Vibration of Continuous Systems Wiley
Randall Vibration-based Condition Monitoring - Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive Applications Wiley
Filippi Vibrations and Acoustic Radiation of Thin Structures Wiley
Hagedorn Vibrations and Waves in Continuous Mechanical Systems Wiley
Guinot Wave Propagation in Fluids: Models and Numerical Techniques Wiley
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