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St├ęphane Mallat A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing Elsevier
Christopher C. Fuller Active control of vibration Elsevier
G. Feng and R. Lozano Adaptive Control Systems Elsevier
J. R. Holton An Introduction to Dynamic Meteorology Elsevier
M. Moo-Young Animal Biotechnology Elsevier
Chai Yeh Applied Photonics Elsevier
Ching, Francis D K Architectural Graphics Elsevier
TE Quantrille, YA Liu Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Engineering Elsevier
R. G.Douglas Banach Algebra Techniques in Operator Theory Elsevier
G.J. Murphy C*-Algebras and Operator Theory Elsevier
Elsgolc, L. E Calculus of Variations Elsevier
J. E. Clis, N. Carter, K. Simons, and J. V. Small Cell Biology Elsevier
Coulson, J.M. and Richardson, J.F Chemical Engineering Elsevier
I. Glassman And R. A. Yetter Combustion Elsevier
Patel, M.H. Compliant Offshore Structures Elsevier
SandipTiwari Compound Semiconductor Device Physics Elsevier
G Meurant Computer Solution of Large Linear Systems Elsevier
W. Donoghue Distributions and Fourier Transforms Elsevier
Lars Wanhammar DSP Integrated Circuits Elsevier
Wilson, J. F. Dynamics of Offshore Structures Elsevier
B. Oneill Elementary differential Geometry Elsevier
Schofield W and M Breach Engineering Surveying Elsevier
I. L. Pepper, C. P. Gerba, and M. L. Brusseau Environmental and Pollution Science Elsevier
E S Greenhalgh Failure Analysis and Fractography of Polymer Composites Elsevier
R. Kashyap, Fiber Bragg Gratings Elsevier
P. K. Kundu, I. M. Cohen Fluid Mechanics Elsevier
M. F Barnsley Fractals Everywhere Elsevier
J. Laane, Ed. Frontiers of Molecular spectroscopy Elsevier
R.W. Sarsby Geosynthetics in Civil Engineering Elsevier
J. A. Glasel and M. P. Deutscher Introduction to Biophysical Methods for Protein and Nucleic Acid Research Elsevier
Khalid Sayood Introduction to Data Compression Elsevier
Murphy, Brian L. and Robert Morrison (Ed.) Introduction to Environmental Forensics Elsevier
Damon P. Coppola Introduction to International Disaster Management Elsevier
J. S. Arora Introduction to Optimum Design Elsevier
Sheldon M. Ross Introduction to Probability Models Elsevier
K. Fukunaga, Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition Elsevier
J. R. Ferraro, K. Nakamoto and C. W. Brown Introductory Raman Spectroscopy Elsevier
Gibson, J.E Linear Elastic Theory of Thin Shells Elsevier
Stepina V and Vesely V Lubricants and Special Fluids Elsevier
Arfken Weber and Harris Mathematical methods for physicists Elsevier
Landau and Lifshitz Mechanics Elsevier
Walt Kester Mixed-Signal and DSP Design Techniques Elsevier
Hugo. B. Fischer, E. John List, Robert. C. Y. Koh, JorgImberger, and Norman. H. Brooks Mixing in Inland and Coastal Waters Elsevier
B.N. Datta Numerical Methods for Linear Control Systems Elsevier
B. Guo, S. Song, A. Ghalambor and J. Chacko Offshore Pipelines Elsevier
M. B. Smith Organic Synthesis Elsevier
Cahn, Robert W., and Peter Haasen Physical metallurgy Elsevier
J. Brydson Plastics Materials Elsevier
F. N. Cogswell Polymer Melt Rheology Elsevier
H. Fujita Polymer Solutions Elsevier
Steve Mackay, Edwin Wright, John Park Practical Data Communications for Instrumentation and Control Elsevier
David Bailey, Edwin Wright Practical SCADA for industry Elsevier
P. F. Stanbury, S. J. Hall, and A. Whitaker Principles of Fermentation Technology Elsevier
M. Born and E. Wolf Principles of Optics Elsevier
R.P.Lanza, R.Langer, J.Vacanti Principles of Tissue Engineering Elsevier
Constantinescu and Magyari Problems in Quantum Mechanics Elsevier
Ryan, William Properties of ceramic raw materials Elsevier
G. Choppin, J. Rydberg and J. O. Liljenzin Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry Elsevier
S. M. Ross Simulation Elsevier
Guisseppe Grosso Solid State Physics Elsevier
L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz The Classical Theory of Fields Elsevier
Rao, S. S. The Finite Element Method in Engineering Elsevier
Milton Ohring The Materials Science of Thin Films Elsevier
S. Williams and N. Williams The Profit Impact of Business Intelligence Elsevier
Phillips G.M., Taylor P.J Theory and Applications of Numerical Analysis Elsevier
F. D. Hobbs Traffic Planning and Engineering Elsevier
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